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Level 3 Diploma in Early Years Education and Childcare Overview:

This qualification will enable the learner to demonstrate an in-depth understanding of early years education and care with children aged from 0 - 5 years, as well as an understanding of the development expected of children aged 5 – 7 years. This qualification confirms competence and provides a ‘license to practice’ in the following roles:

• Level 3 practitioner in day nursery or in nursery school
• Level 3 practitioner in a pre-school
• Practitioner in reception classes in a primary school
• Assistant in Children's Centres

Qualification Structure:

To achieve the Level 3 Diploma in Early Years Education and Childcare, learners must achieve all 20 units, gain experience in a real work environment, achieve competence whilst working with young children from birth to 5 years and take part in personal professional development activities.

Mandatory Units:

Unit 1 - Understand supporting children’s development
Unit 2 - Significance of attachment and how to promote it when working with young children
Unit 3 - Understand theoretical perspectives of young children’s development
Unit 4 - Support children to develop holistically
Unit 5 - Support the development to of early literacy and mathematics
Unit 6 - Support young children through transitions and significant events
Unit 7 - Understand current early education curriculum requirements and the importance of promoting inclusive practice
Unit 8 - Planning, leading and reflection on the delivery of the current early education curriculum
Unit 9 - Provide learning experiences, environments and learning opportunities for young children
Unit 10 - Understand modeling and promoting positive behaviour when working with young children
Unit 11 - Understand supporting children with additional needs Unit 12 - Assessment techniques within the requirements of the early education curriculum
Unit 13 - Understand the importance of continuing professional development for the Early Years Educator
Unit 14 - Promote legal requirement of health and safety and welfare of young children
Unit 15 - Understand the legal requirements on safeguarding young children in early years settings
Unit 16 - Working cooperatively with key person, colleagues, parent/care and other professionals within the early years settings
Unit 17 - Plan and implement care routines which promote health, well being and healthy lifestyles
Unit 18 – Maintain accurate records, paperwork and respond to accidents and emergency situations
Unit 19 - Understand food and nutrition when working with young children
Unit 20 -Provide play opportunities for young children in early years settings

Entry Requirements

Delegates will need to have been employed in the early years workforce and achieved a General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE) grade C or above in English Language and Mathematics for them to be able to complete level 3 successfully.

How does the assessment take place and for how long?

Delegates will complete their QCFs via e-portfolio and will be appointed a vocationally trained QCF assessor who will help them for the duration of the diploma. Support and resources are also provided throughout. Students can learn at their own pace in their own time. However, most students will successfully finish the programme in around 9 months.

How would I progress further?

Once completing, you can move onto the Level 5 in Leadership and Management for Early Years or you can undertake a range of specialist care courses. These are all available at Universal Care Courses.


This course can be accredited by FutureQuals, City & Guilds or Highfield and will help your organisation to meet the conditions and standards required by the CQC. If you would require your qualification to be accredited by a certain awarding body, please specify at the time of booking.

What are the prices of these courses?

The price will vary depending on which Health & Social Care QCF you will be needing. To get your quotation, please call us on 0129 360 2391 and one of our care experts will be happy to help. Monthly payment plans and bulk discounts are also available.

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